Data Master

ECUMASTER Data Master is a software for data analysis intended for ECUMASTER logging devices (ADU, PMU, EMU PRO, EMU Black, EMU Classic and EDL1).

Data Master makes analysis simple while allowing the user to dive deep into data. It helps to improve the performance of both track-day amateurs and professional racing teams. Our software is suited for different kinds of motorsport – circuit racing, drag, rallying, hillclimb and even dyno tuning.

Key features:

  • Mathematical channels
  • Video analysis with automatic synchronisation
  • User channel support (a project file is not needed to load user-defined channels)
  • Many new/improved visualisations
  • Greater integration between panels
  • Global channel aliases ensuring versatility
  • User-defined log split
  • Reference track (in-depth analysis per track segment).


Download Files

Data Master Setup 2024.4 beta

Data Master Change log

Data Master Manual 2024.4

Data Master Sample Data