Ta strona zawiera oprogramowanie w wersjach testowych! Oprogramowanie to moze zawierac bledy. W przypadku problemow z nowym oprogramowaniem prosimy o kontakt info(at)ecumaster.com

This webpage contains ecumaster software in test versions. Please report bugs to info(at)ecumaster.com

  • Light Client for Windows - 1.1-rc2 install

Changes in v1.1-rc2:
- New: CAN Transmit! (Alt+T, Insert) .
- Improved: Restore button also work with keypads.
- Improved: CAN error handling for USBtoCAN improved.
- Improved: LightClient window can be resized and minimalized.
- Added: BatteryIsolator support added.
Changes in v1.0-rc1:
- New: Firmware upgrade from the Web. Just press the Upgrade button and select "Download from ECUMASTER.com".
- New: It's possible to view manual of the device in the Web (press the Manual button).
- New: Added Set Comment of the device.
- New: Added Restore option to restore all variables of the device to factory default.
- New: Revision of the device added.
- Improved: CANbus bitrate autodetection improved for Auto mode.
- Improved: Performance of the program improved. It's now possible to sniff the heavy CAN traffic.
- Updated: firmware of USBtoCAN updated to version 0.12 (included in the program). It's recommended to upgrade.
Changes in v0.1.8:
- Compact layout, it works better on small screens.
Changes in v0.1.6:
- Switching CAN adapter between ADU, PMU and Light Client
Changes in v0.1.5:
- Ecumaster USBtoCAN updated to 0.01.3
- Save Trace button added - it now possible to save all messages to .TRC file
- Ecumaster WheelSpeedToCAN support
Changes in v0.0.2:
- Ecumaster USBtoCAN updated to 0.9
- Kvaser is working again