Light Client

ECUMASTER Light Client is the configuration software for many ECUMASTER devices. It is also a tool for monitoring and logging the CAN bus traffic. The Light Client can discover compatible devices on the bus, decode channels/signals values, modify device-specific properties. There are links to user manuals and firmware upgrade options for each device. Also, a bit rate of all compatible devices connected to a CAN bus can be changed at once by one click. CAN bus monitoring is possible thanks to the list of frames grouped by ID and the possibility to send custom frames to the CAN bus. Also, all the traffic can be saved into a textual trace file.

Light Client is a lightweight client program. The description of every device configuration is provided by the device itself and is not a part of the program. Thanks to this approach, it is not necessary to update the Light Client each time you want to work with a new firmware. The same applies for access to user manuals and firmware upgrades files. All these files are accessed from the Internet if needed.

Download Files

Light Client 2.2
Light Client 2.2 Changelog
Light Client 2.2 User Manual